Friday, July 16, 2010

On Gratitude and a Big "Welcome" to my Blog Friends

SAHMinIL, Arby, Eva, and April-May I just wanted to let you guys know WELCOME! Sit down, drop me a line. Visit anytime. Thanks, it means a lot.

I found out today that I have four people now who publicly follow my post. Thank you. It means a lot. What does it mean? It means that my writing can't be that bad, after all, and that perhaps, I am not quite as weird as I sometimes think I am. And I am grateful for all of you out there. I am talking about you homeschool bloggers, those that have posted on my site, those whose blogs I've been visiting quietly and some I've just started visiting. I mean  bloggers like Alasandra's that I've followed for a long time now and my admitted addiction to Arby's Boarding in Bedlam and of course Evas inspiring blog.  April-May, do you have a blog? I tried to see if you had one by clicking on your picture but couldn't find one.  You are all an inspiration and encouragement. Keep posting, SAHMinIL, I hope your daughter is feeling better, Arby your vacation sounds like a challenge on its own, Eva you know I visit all the time and April-May do drop me a line and allow us to visit your blog even if it's new!




SAHMinIL said...

Thanks for the well wishes regarding my daughter! Her fever is under control. It has been between 99-100 yesterday and today, with a short spike of over 103, but goes back down. That's so much better then being 103-104 all day!

Marlis said...

Goodness, the poor kid must be worn out and you, I bet, too. Tell her, there are lots of people she doesn't even know thinking of her!

Have a sane weekend :)

April-May said...

Can you see me now? lol I'm still figuring out how to make Blogger and Google "talk" to each other.
Thank you for the mention! I'm new to homeschooling, and I'm hoping to find some inspiration from fellow mamas.


Eva said...

Marlis, thanks for the nice welcome.... Would you like to clean some windows?

Marlis said...

Eva, I'll pass on the windows for now while I wait for airconditioning.