Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Missy!

Missy about 5 minutes after birth.
Happy Birthday, Missy! Eleven years ago you came in to our life. The best Valentine your Daddy and I could ever have imagined.  You were this little, brown eyed, brown haired bundle with a big, insistent voice.  We brought you home a few days later where you were welcomed by Brutus and Paddy, our dogs. Boy, did they go crazy over you. They weren't allowed inside  your room so both parked themselves just outside your door. They would creep forward so at least their heads were inside, after all they couldn't bear to miss anything.

You stood up on your own by the time you were 8 months old but nothing on earth could convince you to walk. I was one inexperienced Momma. I had absolutely no idea what happens when baby starts walking. During your first Christmas you learned to walk and you stopped nursing a week before your first birthday. You already had cut down to one morning snack and I wasn't going to keep wearing those bras for one feeding.  You didn't mind, I think you were OK with it as long as we had our morning snuggles. Hugs in our family are a big thing. You are eleven now and still love a snuggle. I feel so lucky!
Here you are, that angry, wailing, hungry infant is now alternately a poised, funny young girl, or a moody, sulking tween.  For the most part you are the first version. But hey,  I'll take both. As long as you don't get as bad as I was (my poor parents), we'll make it alright!

We passed through a lot of phases along the way. Do you remember Elmo? I still have your Elmo stuffie. You know, even though I am a thrower that was one of those things even I had to hold on too. After that Strawberry Shortcake (?) made you smile. Remember that huge doll someone gave you? We had no problem donating that to daycare, huh? And of course My Little Pony and Barbie.  One phase you never quite outgrew is your love for matchbox (and larger model) cars. You rock! Of course we experienced Little Pets and Littlest Pets and the very expensive Pokemon. I love how very anti-fad you are now. No Silly Bandz in our home!

You are an awesome young girl. You are kind and considerate and giving. I suppose that is why your little brother is still alive. You went through some rough times but came through with an inner strength that will guide you all your life. The last eleven years were the best of my life and I look forward to experiencing the next of your life's years with you.

We love you so much.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Confucious on Friendship

"Have no friends not equal to yourself."

                              - Confucious (551 - 497 BC) Chinese philosopher.

I wanted to start a new weekly feature on my blog by posting quotes from around the world. Hopefully the quotes will make you think, sometimes laugh, sometimes frown. Some will be from Confucious and other really looooong ago folks. Some till be contemporary. A lot will be from George Carlin. Feel free to drop a line if a quote made you think. Maybe you agree with it. Maybe you don't.

As to the quote above I can only say I mostly don't agree.  It depends on how you read it. None of my friends are 'equal' to me. And that's what I like about them. I admire each of them for some characteristics, abilities, personality traits they have. These characteristics, abilities, personality traits are something I admire because I don't have it (or I don't think I have). Each of them have enhanced my life. On the other hand Big C has a point if he means there must be a string of commonality running through the relationship. There are somethings I could never abide by. So obviously there must be a level of 'equal'. If he meant equal in terms of socio economic status or pedigree in ancient China, he certainly had a point. The very hierarchical and pedigree dependant social structure of his time was most definitely not conducive to friendship across the tracks.  And to some extent this holds true even now. We all tend to gravitate towards friends that are to some extent in our realm.

When you look at your friends what do you see in them that you value in your life? And please really think about your true friends, not acquaintances, they don't really count unless you think they are good future friendship material.