Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arrrgh, No air conditioning!

So a few weeks my air conditioner started to leak into my furnace and spill out. We had that fixed on Friday. Now, last night I realized my house was cooking hot. Why? The AC was running. But the blower wasn't distributing the cold air. Oh the pain..... Well, I called two local companies and just to have them come out to our house and diagnose the problem after business hours runs around 190 bucks. Say whaaaaat?  I just paid about $170 on Friday, I am broke! Ramen noodles and boiled eggs for the next few weeks. Just kidding, not that bad, but still bad enough.  Repairing a furnace blower can be costly and we may just have to replace the furnace if the cost is too high because it has other issues. No point in spending $800 - $900 on a blower and then have to replace the whole thing again in a few months. But I don't have that kinda cash just lying around. Hello, consumer confidence is at an 11 month low, give me a boost here.....

Sorry, I know this is so not interesting but I had to vent. At least I can send the kids to a nice cool office if needed and we can even sleep there if the house gets too hot meanwhile. It's 84F right now and it's supposed to go to 89F for the high and 69F for the low. With the high dewpoints we are enjoying not the weather I can leave the windows open at.



Eva said...

I know how it feels without air conditioning in this country. I lived in Missouri for a year -- without it. I hope yours will get fixed soon! Here in New York you don't really need it although we've had some really hot, almost unbearable summers when it would have been nice to have even just a window unit. Just picture yourself being in a "sauna." (Just kidding, you do have my sympathies).

Marlis said...

Yikes, Missouri without an AC, that is punishment. Iowa gets really tropical hot and we've been having that today. Thankfully today at least saw us getting a small breeze. Enough for me to open the windows this evening after installing the screens (Fliegengitter - iggitt). We'll see how it goes tonight. Tomorrow I'll shop for the best quote. Thanks for comiserating :)

Marlis said...

Just an update, it was the thermostat. We had that fixed and the a/c cleaned and re-charged. It's amazing how cold we are all feeling now.

A Homeschool Story said...

Oh, I am so glad! I was feeling the old heat itch start to creep up on me just reading about your experience, yuck!

I'm glad to be home, but this weather, ugh!

It's always so much fun to read your posts, no matter what the topic, thanks for sharing.