Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kudos to my husband

I know I complained about not getting the space I'd like for my veggies but I failed to show why that was. So I went and took a few pic with my daughters' point and shoot. The pics were taken too late and the camera is what it is, a point and shoot. But I think the idea gets across. We need to deadhead some flowers but by and large this is it and it's not shabby. BTW, after having children and seeing the rabbits eat our flowers I told dh that this was it. I was out. But he jumped in with both feet and so this garden is primarily his hard work. I am very proud of him and it is lovely to be able to sit in our screened in porch (with the mosquitos whining hungrily outside) and enjoy the view.


Eva said...

Was für ein wunderschöner Garten, Marlis!

Marlis said...

Danke. Ja, schön ist der Garten aber auch viel arbeit. Ich versuche zu helfen, aber da mein Mann mir im Haus überhaupt nicht hilft mache ich im Garten nicht viel mit.