Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jackie Evanko didn't win- Whooohoooooo!

My 10 year old daughter and I whooped with joy when we watched 'America's got Talent' and it was announced that Michael Grimm  was the winner of that show. Actually we admit to some embarrassment here. We deride shows the likes of America's got Talent. But when little Ms. Evanko became one of the final four we started to watch. I sang opera as a child and had a scholarship waiting for me and I have a daughter now the age of that young lady. And so this story spoke to me. And yesterday I told my daughter how I hoped  that little Ms. Evanko wouldn't win.  History bears us out. There are few child stars who make it later in life. The stress of not experiencing those crucial formative years proves damaging to all child stars. Some come out the winners later in life. Most did not get so lucky. Ms. Evanko, little Jackie deserves a life as a child. A very talented child. Arguably the most talented person in that entire building. But still a child. She should go and run with her friends and scab her knees and go trick or treating. She needs to go back to school and do math homework and get glue all over fingers and gum stuck in her hair. 

Little Ms. Evanko, I have never every heard 'Pie Jesu' delivered as well as you did.  But for your sake I hoped you wouldn't win. I can't imagine the burden you carried all these weeks. The expectations and hope of all of your family and friends, of  your neighborhood and town must have weighed heavily.  And here is my wish for you. Go be a child, free of anything but the usual responsibilities, act silly, have fun and just be a kid. And when you have a solid education spread your wings and fly. I hope to hear your angel voice for many decades to come. But not at the expense of your childhood.