Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Childhood Obesity vs. Babies dying of Malnutrition

I just read an article on msnbc.com about a 14 month old baby who died of dehydration (because of diarrhea) in  Haiti. And as I clicked out of the story I see another one.. "First Lady begins fight on childhood obesity".

Isn't it sad? How millions of children all over the world are starving to death and dying of preventable diseases while our children in the US are getting sick from a preventable disease too... obesity. The obese children are, however,  suffering from a disease induced by their parents and other caregivers. We are the enablers. We are the ones with the car keys and the wallet. Lack of information? Come on... the web is full with information about the harmful effects of childhood obesity and steps to remedy the situation. And just about all public libraries have PC's with Internet access.

Dozens of children are dying every week in Haiti for the simple lack of clean water and food. Millions of Dollars are being poured into Haiti and...wanna bet, just like 'Baby Duck' Duvall , this president (Rene Preval)  will help himself to a good chunk of that. All the while the children in his country are suffering.

... sorry, just had to vent....