Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My tomatoes are going out of control and it's only July!

Here are two pictures of my rectangular tomato box. My darling husband won't let me have garden space to grow my vegetables so I am relegated to a box of tomatoes on the deck and a tub for jalapenos. We have another space (an old kennel with the brick floor removed) where I am granted some precious space to grow the few things that will grow there. I grow an obscene amount of chives, summer savory and more tomatoes. Nothing else will really grow there. I would love to be able to grow more foods but despite having a big garden have nowhere to grow them.  A tip for those of you who grow your own parsley and chives. Harvest them throughout the growing season, wash and then chop. Place in airtight plastic containers and freeze. For goodness sakes DON'T put water in it. It's not needed. Trust me, I am German and in Germany you can buy chopped frozen herbs. The dried stuff tastes gross! We eat, fresh frozen chives and parsley all  winter long!

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