Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Bucket List

I borrow this idea from another blog. It's not my life's bucket list but just 10 things I want to do before this year is over.

1. Take my children to a concert.
2. Take my son to a zoo.
3. Have a date with my husband.
4. Have a dinner consisting entirely of some rustic bread, brie, olives, pears, apples. Did  I mention brie? And of course olive oil and a good aceto balsamico.  My keyboard is wet, I need to stop drooling.
5. Have the above mentioned dinner sans husband or son but with my daughter while watching a chick flick.  She will not touch the olives. Everything else we will squabble over.
And it will be wonderful.
6. Write a letter to my Dad telling him how much I appreciate him.
7. Write a letter to my Mom telling her how much I appreciate her. Do you know the song 'I hear voices' by Chris Young? I need to let them know I hear their voices all the time. If you haven't heard this song, it's ok. Not everyone is into country music.
At least go to the Internet and read the lyrics.
It's worth it.
Trust me
8. I want to go out for a 'couples dinner' with a  dear couple I know. Their daughter is my daughter's best friend. And we grown ups get along great.
9.  Send someone a present -Just because-
10.  Take my children to a church, a synagogue, a Muslim prayer center, and our local Sikh prayer center so they can learn about different faiths and what they mean to the faithful attending those places of worship.

More to come I think.

Monday, March 7, 2011

As heard on 'Good Luck, Charlie'

Cast of Characters.

Charlie, adorable,blonde toddler (approx. 2 years old)
Charlie's Mom.
Charlie's considerably older brothers.

Setting: Basement Family/Laundry/ whatever room. Charlie is sitting on a portable potty in front of TV, while mother alternately cajoles and bribes Charlie to go potty.

Two older brothers barge in and try to set TV up to play video-games.  Mother tells them not to do that because baby Charlie only goes potty when she can watch `the Gurgles (presumably something like the Wiggles).

Older brother: "Charlie needs the 'Gurgles'  to do her business?"

Mother: "Yes, dear, Charlie needs the 'Gurgles to do her business, much like your dad needs the sports section to do his."

Can you relate? Our family certainly can. We all have our 'potty aids' too!

  • IT man needs his Wall Street Journal. 
  • I need my I-Pad or a book (preferably cook book - don't ask, I don't know either)
  • Missy whatever book has been stashed in the bathroom.
  • Bear whatever he can sing to himself because he can't read well enough just yet.

Are you a 'potty reader'?