Saturday, May 21, 2011

Geography Quiz Time!!!

Here, just for fun and for furthering your  'eddicashun' is a geography quiz I put together. See which ones you knew and use a globe and an atlas for the rest. Avoid using the computer, that makes it too easy. The answers will be revealed in a few days.  If you want this in a pdf format to use for your homeschool send me a feedback with your e-mail address.  I have altogether 5 quizzes. I will pass on the pdf files after all quizzes have been published.

Weekly Geography Fun Quiz #1

1. The Orinoco is a river in which northern South American country?
2. Asuncion is the capital of which central South American country?
3. Is Guatemala a South American country?
4. Where would you look for the Rio Grande?
5. Which are the greater Antilles?
6. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of which southeast Asian Country?
7. Where would you be if you sailed along the Strait of Malacca?

Teach your children geography. We live in a global community and yet, many adults don't even know where to find Iraq or Afghanistan on a globe.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you speak Indlish?

People all over the world speak English.  It is the de facto official language of this globe. And few other countries pride themselves over their command over the English language as much as India. And yet, when foreigners visit India, or have the pleasure of speaking with Indians 'fresh of the boat' they invariably are stumped by some of the idiomatic expressions of Indian English. I stumbled across a wonderful blog yesterday.  It is called 'India outside my window' and I highly recommend it.  The author writes beautifully and her pictures truly capture the essence of that country. And I should know, I've spent much time there myself.  The author of this blog writes a wonderful post on "Indlish" and I hope you do take a moment to read it.

Here is a excerpt from her post. Click on the link to read the post in its entirety.

Communication can be confusing in a country where cakes are called pastries, a dress is clothing, people ask you to off the light and on the fan, backside is not your rear end but the rear of a building, and people don’t die, they expire (like a gym membership or credit card). People also shift and not move house. And just to make things more confusing for foreigners, a cover is a bag or envelope, vessels are not ships but dishes, a hotel is actually a restaurant and a parcel is not a package to be sent by post but a take-away.