Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am a doofus! I won something and can't find the site anymore :(

Hi, my name is Marlis and I am an addict. My addiction? Foodie sites. And so, the other day, I stumbled on one I liked, left a post and moved on to drool over the next site. It's pathological. I can't tear myself away. Curse you FoodGawker. That's the site that has me hooked. Of course you go to one blog and then see a link that interests you and voila you are suddenly with the second cousin thrice removed.... And I was just notified that I won the KitchenAid cast iron casserole. How cool is that? Except that I now, can't find the site anymore and its 1:15 AM and I am tired and need to sleep. I want that casserole so baaaaaaad.  Alas. Well, to look on the bright side, even if I actually never get to hold it, let alone cook in it (my dream would be to cook my Papa's Shahjahani Biriyani in it) at least I know I actually won something once :)

Good night.

I want that casserole........


4/28/10 A short and sweet update, I was able to contact lulu and give her my info for the giveaway.  She e-mailed me back and said someone from CSN stores would contact me which they promptly did. Anyone who likes tasty food would do well to visit this site Her food is appears deceptively simple but so tasty. I've cooked the arroz-con-leche and it's definitely something I'd fight a baby for LOL.  Once I have the casserole I'll blog something about it. How can I not? It's something I've been wanting for a very long time.