Monday, July 19, 2010

Free Kindle for PC App download at Amazon and FREE BOOKS too!

Here is something droolworthy for all of you avid readers out there. You can go to and download (for free) their Kindle for PC App. It's in it's Beta testing stage so there are some hiccups but it's still a good deal. Now here's the drool worthy part, there are tons of free classic books you can download. I mean the classics baby! We downloaded Jane Austen, Jules Verne, Dickens, Pyle, Kipling and tales such as Arabian Nights, Aesops Fables,  etc etc etc.  I am tickled because I had many of those books on my list for school this year.

Because of the heat my poor husband didn't sleep much and got up at 3:30 AM. He'll be traveling internationally for about 6 weeks and I convinced him to get the iPad and use a Kindle download to get books. We chose the iPad over Kindle because it has other Apps and functions. So as he was surfing Amazon he found this App and free books.

On another bright note. I am having the repair folks come out today and they (very begrudgingly) waved the trip charge when I made it clear I am shopping for the lowest cost.  Yeah! That's $30 bucks saved.  Of course we are likely to have to replace the whole furnace because I am not spending $400 - $500 on a blower for a furnace that needs to be replaced. Grammatically that last sentence is off but I am not going to work on it right now because I haven't had enough coffee yet.  I am sure ya'll understand.

Well, have a productive day!


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