Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Molly the Owl Momma Webcam

Addictive is the appropriate term. My daughter and I love watching Molly care for her newly hatched owlets whilst still incubating the remaining eggs. Here is a link.

Molly is a Barn Owl Located in California in a nesting box 15 feet off the ground. Her chicks just started to hatch 2 days ago. Her mate McGee comes by every now and then with offerings of food.

This is most certainly entertaining and a wonderful teaching tool.

I am including a few pictures I captured.


Annaxandria said...

I love Molly Mom, thanks for showing her to us.

Tracie said...

My daughter and I have been watching Molly for a little over a week now.....addictive is definitely the appropriate term! =)