Saturday, March 13, 2010

READ ALL ABOUT IT! 'No Child Left Behind' is going to be left behind.... about time too!

So here's the latest on the public education front. Obama's administration is moving towards nixing the legacy of Bush's 'No Child Left Behind'. Here is a link from

While I am thrilled to hear that 'No Child Left Behind' (which was an admitted failure)  will be made history,  I am concerned about the continued involvement of the federal government in education. Why? Because politicians bow to lobbyists and the teachers union has already shown its colors. Until parents are given the ability to choose schools via financial incentives (vouchers),  schools can continue to remain in a state of relative mediocrity as long as they stay above the mentioned 5% of worst performing schools.

So far I have not been a fan of the Obama administration but at least they are getting one thing right, get rid of the abysmal failure called 'No Child Left Behind' .

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