Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday = Vegging out, fun and nagging little feelings of guilt

Sunday...that one little word means so much. Family time, relaxing, fun. And in the back of my mind the nagging little voice that can't be silenced. It whispers about Monday being the next day. I chides me for neglecting all the things I know I should do to make the coming week easier. Things like making a menu, shopping and cooking. Things that, when I do them, do make a world of difference. But instead I potter around, we eat a late breakfast and at 1 PM I am still in pjs. Sheesh. And you know what... I love it. I went to bed last night only at 12:40 AM. Was I industriously preparing lessons or ironing? Goodness no! I was experimenting with different aircraft in my beloved HAWX game to see which one can get me completing the the oil refinery mission. I love the weaponry I get with the Raven but the craft doesn't handle as well. The 'Frog' wasn't on my 'love-it' list. I think I am leaning towards the COSAIR. Dandy little thing handles like a corvette. Listing to me... I am 40 for Pete's and talking like a 17 year old game addict.

Gotta go and get a little prune out of the tub. By now he is probably saponifying....

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