Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So I'm 'Old School'...

Grocery stores are marvelous places to observe people. One not only gets a front row seat in their kitchen (or lack thereof), one also has a chance to study behavior. People are often stressed and tired when there and so the behavior reflects that. Take the case of two young parents out shopping with their three year old daughter. The little girl, probably tired herself after a long day, did what all three year old children do. She kept taking items of the shelves 'just like Mommy and Daddy'. And mommy finally bent down, tore the latest acquisition out of her daughters' hands with an exasperated " Haven't I fucking told you not to keep doing that?"


Its not as though I don't cuss. The "f" word in particular is such a versatile expression. But in front of your child and even to your own child?

I had a long conversation with the husband of a close friend of mine. Turns out we have similar parenting opinions. And one thing he said really hit home... Not because it was so novel. But because he put it so succinctly. 'America is wallowing in and promoting mediocrity. The classic 'nail on the head' statement, if you ask me. Well, no one is, but anyway. Take trash like all those reality shows. Take American Idol or America's got Talent. eeeeep....

No wonder so many parents are joining the ever burgeoning ranks of homeschoolers because they cannot, in good conscience, sentence and condemn their children to those halls of ignorance. Public Schools.

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