Friday, January 15, 2010

The Best Potty Training Tool - EVER!

When my daughter was just a few days away from turning two years old we decided it was potty training time. Being a first time mom I was full of good intentions. Many were sabotaged by my dear friend Shannon. You see, Shannon was an experienced mother. After all, by the time I had my first, she had two daughters. So my aim to keep her away from sugary cereal? Sabotaged. The saboteur... Shannon of course. The weapon of choice.... Frootloops. My other good intention was keeping my delicate child safe from popcorn. Yeah, you guessed it.

But as it came to chocolate I had her swear that she wouldn't introduce my daughter to that. Shannon did keep her promise and boy am I glad she did. Because it became (upon her suggestion) a potty training tool. Every time my little flower went to the bathroom she could choose 1 mini baking m&m. And only if she correctly told me the color. And if she did a big potty she got five of those little morsels. The result? Potty training in record time. And she learned all her colors to boot.

As my friend Catherine stated : she'd potty train for chocolate any day too.

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