Friday, January 29, 2010

Another homeschool year?

We will soon be contacted by our daughters' school regarding her 5th grade enrollment. And boy am I torn up about it. On one hand I really would love to see her go back on the other hand I don't believe it'll happen. She missed over a month and a half worth of school days in 3rd grade. And that doesn't even account for the fact that the days she did go to school, she usually (about 80% of the time) came home early. She was one sick little girl. Her allergies have robbed her of a normal life. She doesn't have food allergies, thank goodness. But she is allergic to just about everything else. Anything that grows, plants, trees, fungus, any kinds of animals.... the list goes on. She can't go on play dates. There is only one friend whose house she can go to. And even there she can get a flare-up at times. Sending her back to school will probably bring all the misery back. This past school year has been the best in many many years. And because she is not constantly exposed she's missed only 2 days of school due to allergies. How can I send her back to this again? And on the other hand... how can I keep her from school?

She went to a private school which is incredibly supportive and helped us through this year in the hope of bringing her back. It's a old school. 125 years. So with the exception of one building the rest are equally old. And 5th grade is the last grade to spend time in the new building.  And while she went to school there, we had to stop her the last year from going to the few classes she had in the old buildings because she'd react within minutes of going in there. So, how can she manage there next year?

As much as she misses her school she enjoys home schooling. We are learning at her pace and she enjoys that. We also incorporate more into her curriculum. As much as I enjoy teaching her and her little brother, I wonder if I can do her justice. Am I really good enough to keep on teaching?

If I were religious I might pray about it. But I am not. So thinking, meditating and letting it all percolate is the best I can do.  My gut reaction is to keep her home. Keep her safe. Keep her as healthy as possible. How can I, in good conscience send my child to a place I know makes he sick. And do I educate her? With her medical issues she'll need a great education so she can support herself with a high paying job and health insurance.

Just rambling.... oops, it's 12:30 AM time to go to bed.

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