Saturday, February 6, 2010

Send a man to the grocery store....

I don't know why I remembered this today. But it bears telling. So I will.

Last Thanksgiving I realized that I was out of a few minor ingredients. Having everything under control at home I jumped into the car and headed to the store. Once inside the store I started laughing and didn't stop until the next day.  The clientel of the store was 80% male. I had never before seen this many men in the store at one time. And I would say that approximately 70% of the men in the store were there alone. Again something really rare. Maybe 70% of the men alone in the store were on the cell phone talking to some woman in their life and staring blankly at the rows of goods on the shelves. 

'Uh, so you don't want the whole wheat crackers. How about the pretzel...ah... no, not those huh....'

This conversation in various ways was happening all over the store. Crackers, olives, cheeses and spices.

Random Amusements....

One man asked me what bread I bought and where to find seasonings. But he looked single and might have been hitting on me. I really should have dh buy me another wedding ring. First he lost his and then, within months, I lost mine shortly after the birth of my first. I am not attractive and so always feel really sorry for guys hitting on me. How desperate they appear.

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