Monday, January 25, 2010

From the mouth of the innocent...

At times we wonder just how much information our little angels do absorb without our knowledge.

Our almost 4½ year old son was watching football with his dad yesterday. On comes a Viagra ad. My darling little angel looks over his shoulder and in a very matter of fact way says to my dh " you need to get yourself some of those." When I asked my dh what his reaction was he merely said he was glad that he didn't have a mouth full of beer at that moment.

Now, all that being said I have a pet peeve. Well, actually I have many. This is just one of them. Why do the networks run ads during games etc. that want to make parents either cover their childrens' eyes or ears or both? Football is family time in many homes. Does my 10 year old really have to listen to Viva Viagra songs or Cialis' - when you are ready? She is starting to understand some stuff and my 4½ year old (like all preschoolers) parots everything he hears and sees. I know it's all about making money but really....?

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