Monday, March 7, 2011

As heard on 'Good Luck, Charlie'

Cast of Characters.

Charlie, adorable,blonde toddler (approx. 2 years old)
Charlie's Mom.
Charlie's considerably older brothers.

Setting: Basement Family/Laundry/ whatever room. Charlie is sitting on a portable potty in front of TV, while mother alternately cajoles and bribes Charlie to go potty.

Two older brothers barge in and try to set TV up to play video-games.  Mother tells them not to do that because baby Charlie only goes potty when she can watch `the Gurgles (presumably something like the Wiggles).

Older brother: "Charlie needs the 'Gurgles'  to do her business?"

Mother: "Yes, dear, Charlie needs the 'Gurgles to do her business, much like your dad needs the sports section to do his."

Can you relate? Our family certainly can. We all have our 'potty aids' too!

  • IT man needs his Wall Street Journal. 
  • I need my I-Pad or a book (preferably cook book - don't ask, I don't know either)
  • Missy whatever book has been stashed in the bathroom.
  • Bear whatever he can sing to himself because he can't read well enough just yet.

Are you a 'potty reader'?


Arby said...

I don’t read. I am highly motivated to do my business and exit as quickly as possible, both because sitting too long causes my legs to fall asleep, making it quite difficult to stand up afterwards, as well as because the mercy flush never grants quite enough mercy. The Boss does puzzles in a puzzle book. The kids just giggle.

Marlis said...

Arby, too funny...I used to do Sudoku Puzzles on the potty too. But then my family started to make fun of me and eventually I stopped. Not because of the ribbing, but because I got bored with them after 600 odd puzzles.