Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorry for the incontinence... or a case for studying vocabulary

Missy takes after her dad and is into science and math and computers. She is an avid reader but doing her vocabulary studies or grammar is like pulling teeth and equally accompanied by moaning and groaning. But Fortune smiled upon me today and I received a copy of an e-mail sent to my office earlier this morning. A client had to cancel an appointment on short notice and concluded her sentence by writing: 'Sorry for the incontinence.' Talk about a howler. Oh my!
I, of course, immediately seized upon this heaven sent opportunity to impress upon my darling offspring the importance of a good vocabulary. Now I can't wait to call my friend and philologist who loves nothing more than a good malapropism.

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Annaxandria said...

Funny, Mom, I do like vocab. I just don't like studying it.