Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our homeschooling plans for this week

Like all homeschoolers, we are frequent visitors at the local library. A normal haul for us often runs into the 30+ books, which range from anything my daughter wants to read, to reference books, books my son is reading for school and for pleasure, and books for me (pleasure and reference alike).

This week we will read and use some of these:

Take a look!

And for me

Additionally we will choose a few experiments from these books:


Eva said...

The Backyard Detective looks good! Any luck with the German?

Marlis said...

Missy shows no interest, but Bear, does. French is Missy's second language of choice, she has been studying it for 4 years now. I think Bear wants to learn German or Spanish.

A Homeschool Story said...

We love the library too! What a fun selection of books you've rounded up. Our week's picks included 3 gardening books for me (it's that time again), a ton of fiction for the kids, along with The Berenstein Bears Garden (hoping to encourage small helpers), and Lily's crazy collection of "Learn...Greek, Spanish, Hindi,astronomy and sailing." I borrowed a playaway of "The Paris Wife", about Ernest Hemingway's first wife.
Thanks for sharing your finds, it's always fun to see what we could be reading next week!

Karen said...

What a great selection of books!
I know your week is going to rock.