Friday, September 30, 2011

Designed Homes

I have a notebook I am slowly filling up with pictures of homes, rooms, design details etc. The home I live in was mostly 'decorated'  by my husband. While the furniture is all a high quality it does not reflect our life-style or taste anymore. My dream is to slowly change our home, one room at a time into a reflection of us as a family.  I enjoy clipping and pasting the pictures into the notebook and then writing my thoughts about the picture in the margins.

Another nice resource is dwellinggawker. Here are some images that grabbed my attention. I hope you enjoy them.

I love the vibrant colors in the Morrocan style decor in the first picture. The Tuscan style home in the subsequent pictures appeals very much to me but I find the colors scheme inside too monochromatic. Aside from that the house is too big for my liking but I love the limestone-stucco combinaton and view of the vineyards.


Eva said...

Are you striving for a more "natural" look?

A Homeschool Story said...

Ooo, I love house-gazing. The bath tub and the brick oven are among my favorites, the first, Moroccan-style feels very luxurious and airy. How to incorporate farmland into a city landscape? That one is still baffling me, but I'm trying, good luck!

Marlis said...

Eva, I love natural stone and wood. Sadly though there is a gap between dreams and reality :)

Angela, As long as you don't morph into Americana, I think all else can be forgiven, LOL