Monday, July 18, 2011

One Word - Yuck!

This is a screenshot of from our location. 


Eva said...

At least it is getting cooler, we will have 86 tomorrow, then 90, 94, and 91. Nobody around here has air-conditioning.

Marlis said...

Cooler? Today will be 97 and then 98! Luckily, we do have air-conditioning. The humidity raises the heat indices to 110-115F. Is it humid in your area?

Eva said...

Maybe I shouldn't look at my computer in a dark bedroom. I thought the night temperatures were the day temperatures! No, it is hotter where you are. It is humid here right now, but the nights are still bearable. I don't know what the heat index is here, I never care to look because it doesn't make me feel better anyway. Stay cool.