Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Morning and A long and slow rain...

It's Saturday morning. And we are all doing what we normally do on a Saturday morning. Bear is watching TV. On Saturday mornings he is allowed to watch Public Television shows. That is special because he isn't allowed to do this any other mornings of the week. You know, I have pretty much banned all save for a few Disney shows from our house. All the little guy learned from those shows is questionable behavior and morals. The shows I hate the most are 'Wizards of Waverly Place' and the 'Zac and Cody' series. The shows I love on PBS are 'Martha Speaks, Ruff Ruffman, Curious George, Clifford (do you guys adore T-Bone?), Electric Company..., geez OK, I like them all except for Sesame Street.

I digressed, back to what we are doing. Saturday AM is my 'hang out at the laptop morning'. I wake up with my cup of tea at the laptop every morning but on Saturdays
I give myself extra time.

IT Man is working.

Missy is either still asleep (that girl can sleep!) or busy reading in bed. 

Only one more lazy Saturday left for us. Two Saturdays from now we'll be busy getting ready to meet our new family member early in the morning (after a sleepless night no doubt). We are picking up the pup on the 28th. Boy! will that be interesting. Training a pup again, cleaning up oopses and muddy paw-prints (what was I thinking when I said 'yes' to getting a dog?)  taking away half chewed remotes and other valuables and soothing a crying child because the dog ate a favorite (insert noun here).

It's raining today. The slow, steady rain gardeners so love. Or those that have freshly seeded their lawn and need slow, steady rain.  It's a good day to do inside stuff. My house looks like a tornado went through and this day is perfect for some cleaning and tidying. I'll rope the kids in to help. And maybe IT man when he is done with his stuff.  Although he had a bad back spasm yesterday and is still in pain. He'd better clean away his newspapers otherwise he'll be in more pain.

I think I'll start now.
I also think I'll start posting pictures of the children.

But now I will wake up Missy.

Right after I ask IT man to make me some coffee.


Kay Heritage said...

I love rainy, lazy Saturdays! My children don't watch TV either. They do get to play their video games Saturday mornings. You are doing a good thing for these children, Marlis; not having TV to influence them! :)

Eva said...

My husband has been having back problems as well.

A Homeschool Story said...

Lovely post! That's what Saturday mornings should be like. Mine was; the road clean-up was cancelled and three kids were off to a kung-fu tournament with Daddy. The others and I baked a treat and puttered around framing and hanging up pictures.

This was a great reminder to take time to be home and be together without an agenda more often, thanks!

Marlis said...

Kay, I am afraid theystill get more TV than they ought to. But at least I've pretty much cut out the Disney channel. And I am very happy to hear that 'Wizards of Waverly Place' is ending their show!

Eva, sorry to hear about your husband's bad back. Hopefully, like with IT man it's only a temporary incovenience.

Marlis said...

Angela, I only saw your reply (had yet to be released) after my reply. I am glad you had a nice day too. Sometimes we just need to take it easy!