Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Sounds in Our Home

It is 9:15 AM. I just got done eating a delicious breakfast. Oh, that tardy you say? Not so. I've been up since 5 AM thanks to the new sounds in my bedroom. Since then I got up, cleaned the kitchen, roused the kids and fed them breakfast and assigned tasks; I fed my husband and sent him out of the house. Breakfast for me was some Indian style scrambled eggs using left over veggies and enjoyed while reading this weeks CoH hosted by Why Homeschool. Good stuff. And all the while my ears are attuned to the new sounds. We have a new baby. Not one that requires bottles and diapers. It's a furry baby that needs frequent trips to the backyard for potty. Even at three in the morning.  The new sounds in our home are the sound of a sleeping puppy, or a puppy crying for attention. And often they are the sounds of children playing with the puppy. And then there are the inevitable cries of  'No! Archie, no biting!' or 'No! Archie, no eating shoes!' And what would life be without the chorus: 'Archie peed on the carpet......'

We chose Archie on Saturday morning at the home of his breeder.  We were the first there to choose from the boys (five of them) and Archie it was. Or Purple as he was known until then. The largest pup was a bit to sleepy for my comfort. Archie, the second largest was just the right kind of active. The craziest one was a pup with spotted ribbon. He was the runt of the litter and clearly the clown as well.

Meanwhile Archie has moved right into the house and our hearts. He is not quite 8 weeks old and a lovely fellow. He seems fairly mellow but has his crazy moments too, just like a healthy puppy should. Missy adores him to pieces and he loves her right back. Bear and Archie have their moments.  Bear is still wary of puppy bites and doesn't understand why Archie doesn't obey his every command/demand. IT man tries to be manly but is clearly head over heals with this little scrap of fur and I...  I need sleep.  But he is cute.

Archie conquering a piece of wood.


Eva said...

How cute! This must be so exiting for you all!

A Homeschool Story said...

Oh, he's here!!! He is adorable, and I love the "sleeping puppy noises", but you can get up at 3am...I'm still catching up on a few missed years of sleep!

Congrats on your new handsome baby!

julie said...

He's so cute! What kind of puppy is he?

Marlis said...

Julie, he is an Airedale Terrier.

Angela, got your e-mail. Very sorry to hear. Will call you.

Eva, it is exciting and fun! And we go through a lot of papertowels....