Saturday, April 2, 2011

We'll miss you Arby.

Arby, the talented author  of one of my all time favorite blogs 'Boarding in Bedlam' , announced the other day that he was taking a hiatus from writing. The announcement was brief and without explanation and the ability to leave comments and wish him and his wonderful family the best of luck has been removed. I knew how I felt about that. Whaaat? No more 'Bedlam'?  No more funny and many insightful blog posts to get me through my day?  But I understand. Sometimes we need to make decisions that are the right one for our families, ourselves and we do not owe anyone an explanation.  But darn it, I wanted to let him know, he had my full support  and best wishes.  Today Arby wrote a post which gave us some of his reasons for making that decision, and I appreciate that.
Arby would be a person I would be proud to call my friend.  He is clearly doing a great job raising and homeschooling his kids. His love for them is so evident throughout all his posts and I love the fact that he doesn't take himself as seriously as some people tend to.

If you read this Arby, I just wanted to say, I wish you and your family all the best. Somehow I don't feel the poster who made the remarks that hurt your feeling so meant to do that. But I understand that feelings hurt just as much whether you meant to stub your toe or did it by accident. My daughter trusts me no less than the day before I told her that we were Santa. She quickly figured out the toothfairy thing too, although she already suspected that because the toothfairy was a real ditz.  Trust goes much beyond  playing Santa and the Easter Bunny. I look forward to catching up with you at the Homeschool Apologist. As much as I'll miss Bedlam, and I know I am speaking for a lot of people here, you have my support and unconditional friendship. You just go and do what's right for you and your family, the rest will sort itself out just fine.




A Homeschool Story said...

That is so sad! I had just "rediscovered" Arby and love his writing and the life he lived, full-on. He has been an inspiring funny start to my day many times, too bad, I wish him well too. Thank you, Marlis, for the alert!


Marlis said...

He sounds awfully hurt on his post, poor guy.