Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Geography Quiz - Answers!

Here are the Geography Quiz answers. Hope you had fun!

The island of Svalbard sits north of which country?
Hint Svalbard is located between Longitude 0 and 30E North of the Arctic Circle. It is owned by that country.  
 Answer: Norway

The city of Hanoi sits by a river which empties into which Gulf? Hanoi is a city in which country?  
Answer:  Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin

Which country would you find south of Nicaragua.      
 Answer:  Costa Rica

Which states border Colorado?
 Answer: Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oklahoma

Ulaan Baatar is the Capital of which country?
 Answer:   Mongolia

Where would you find the highest navigable lake in the world and what is it’s name?
 Answer:   Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia

Chad is a country in which Continent. Who are it's neighbors? 
 Answer:   Africa. Libya, Niger, Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria

Which seas surround Italy?
 Answer:  Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Ionian Sea

On which island would you search for Mt. Etna.
 Answer: Sicily.

Which islands would you find if your ship drifted just south of the Tropic of Cancer just west of 150W Longitude? 
Answer: Hawaii

The Suez Canal is found in which country? 
 Answer: Egypt

Which countries belong to the 'Skandinavian Countries'?
 Answer: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway

The city Minsk is the Capital in which country just right of Poland?
Answer: Belarus

What and where is the Bosporus?
 Answer:  The Bosporus Straight, Also known as the Istanbul Straight, is one of the narrowest navigationable straights in the world. The Bosporus separates the Black sea from the Aegean Sea and from there the Mediterranean Sea.

The Euphrates is a river in which country?
 Answer: Syria and Iraq.

Which countries would you find clustered around the Caspian Sea?   
 Answer:  Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbajan

The Strait of Gibraltar separates which two continents and which two countries?
 Answer:  Africa and Europe. Spain and Morocco.

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A Homeschool Story said...

Hi Marlis,

Very good quiz,if general vicinity is good enough for answers, I did pretty well. Brazil IS a country to the south of Nicaragua! I'd love the pdf so I can give this to my kids soon. We took the US Citizenship quiz together last night after dinner, another good one. University professors who give it to their students regularly find that they mostly fail it.

Keep up the high standards, someone has to!