Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T-Boned in a Parking Lot and Twilight Zone.

It's was a good day yesterday. I had my ducks in a row. I went to Staples to get some organizational items and then stopped over at Target (same mall) to get some lunch and a few other items.  All necessary items were purchased and the children and I piled back into the car to drive to the office.

I've  never been a wild driver. And ever since I ran a stop sign 5 years ago and then got rear-ended last year while at a red light I've become even more cautious. I am not a timid driver (except at night, I stink at night time driving) but I am a defensive driver. Decisive, targeted but not a risk taker. I am a speeding ticket virgin for goodness sakes! So, as I left Target I drove in the designated driving lanes between the parking slots rather than cutting across.  I noticed a very large black SUV cutting across the parking spots and slowed down until I saw that the driver noticed my car. I carried on but a few feet later my daughter screamed 'Moooooooooommmm' and before she was done screaming I felt the impact of a car slamming into my car and my car tilting almost onto two wheels while being turned 120 degrees by the impact.  I'll add the pictures to this posting tomorrow. My car's right side is smashed. The kids and I are sore but alright. What bothered me is that my airbags did not deploy. Not even the side impact bags. I did call Toyota about that and they are investigating. I drive a Toyota Highlander 2008. Even the woman who hit me, medics and the cop commented on that. The  impact car was driven by a woman who was cutting across the parking lot to save a second. It wasn't the car I had previously observed. It was another one which I didn't see at that time. She came from behind a restaurant and a dumpster which is why I never saw her. Anyway, long story short, my car is wrecked and the seat belt has has totally bruised my chest. But we are safe and no one is hurt beyond bruises and sore muscles.

Now, here is the Twilight zone moment. I am not very superstitious but this is bizarre. Last year in August I was  rear ended while stopped at a red light, shortly after that my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly and then there was this customer from hell and then my husband went out of the country.  Right now my husband is out of the country, I had a car accident, the same day I saw that the very same customer wants to come back to us. I told Missy yesterday I was afraid for someone's life. This evening one of my employees called me to let me know she may have to leave for a few days, her grandmother the woman who raised her, had another stroke and was expected not to make it.  How can this be? This is like the Matrix. Deja Vous?  What do you think????

Sorry this is so poorly written but I am tired and need to go to bed now.  I'll post the pictures tomorrow.


Eva said...

I've never had a car accident, but I do feel very sorry for you. I'm not sure about all the coincidences you mentioned at the end of your post. That is very bizarre.

Mary said...

I'm so glad that you and your children were not seriously hurt. As to the string of incidents, I don't quite know what to say. I'm not superstitious so I would attribute everything to chance. I must say that having a string of incidents repeat so closely is really strange. I hope today is a better day. Blessings...Mary

Arby said...

I am sorry to read of your misfortune. I hope that you all heal quickly. As to the events, life has odd moments like that. Don't read into it. They just happen.

Marlis said...

Eva thanks for your kind post. Bizzare is the right word for that odd chain of events.

Mary, thank you. I still sport a bruise but goodness, it could have been so much worse. We feel incredibly lucky!

Arby, thanks for your post. I know it's just 'odd moments' but you have to agree that this is 'way-out' odd.

Unfortunately they can and will fix my car. I should have it back in about 4 weeks.