Saturday, July 31, 2010

Congratulations to the New Couple and my Condolences to the Groom

Or maybe should I tell Mr. Mezvinsky 'May the force be with you'. Oy gevalt, while most of us find our mothers-in-law intimidating, imagine having Hillary Rodham Clinton as a  MIL.    I would love to witness that Thanksgiving Dinner. Picture Hillary taking a very deliberate yet ladylike bite of some turkey, white meat of course, and... oh, wait, no... imagine her deftly disemboweling a snail (escargot anybody) and ever so casually ask her nervous son-in law when exactly his father was released from jail. Picture it? You got it? Makes your Thanksgiving dinner seem almost relaxed now, huh?

Don't get me wrong, we all have skeletons in our closets. But only one lucky man can call himself  son-in-law to Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am convinced she took private lessons from Margaret Thatcher.  It takes a courageous man, and a man truly in love to deal with this new family.

I wish them, as I would really any newlywed couple, all the very best, I am sure the gifts were great, the food fabulous and may the weather co-operate on their honeymoon. And, most of all may you be one of the statistically few whose marriage lasts a life time.  Take the good and the bad. Accept your imperfection so that you may also accept your partner's. Make sure you have some good friends you can call when your partner drives you crazy and you want someone to talk you out of murder by frying pan, ice-pick, snowshovel or any other violent means. And what's more, in their case, may you be wise enough to know who you can trust not to run to the tabloids with it.


A Homeschool Story said...

Great advice...and great insights! I just saw the front cover of People today and contemplated buying my first issue ever, just to get a peek at the photos, then I remembered what search engines were invented for and resisted.

Now Puck wants me to read him "Peter Rabbit" from your next post. Beatrice Potter is almost a member of our ancestry, the girls and I adore her.

Marlis said...

Thanks :) Like you I've never bought an issue of 'People'. I think it's silly. Why would I want to read about some celebrity and how they mess up their lives? Same goes for reality shows. I've never watched one and don't plan to either unless it is one about homeschooling.

I am glad I re-awakened Pucks love for 'Peter Rabbit' again.

Take care :)

I still love Gummy Bears LOL