Sunday, May 16, 2010

Product Review and No ! I am not getting paid for it.

My daughter has a severly defective skin barrier. Her skin was always dry to the point of me vaccuuming her bed in the morning because of the 'snow'.  We used to go through about a 1 lb container of Vanicream every 3 weeks in addition to other lotions, potions, oils, creams, medications etc. And then about 2 months ago we found Aveeno Intense Relief Repair Cream. Since it cost as much as the Vanicream and we had a basket full of all kinds of creams etc we decided to try it. Her skin since then improved by about 90%. It is fragrance free and unscented which is a must for us due to allergies to that as well.  This stuff is UNBELIEVABLE.  I have to write them about it because we are absolutely terrified they'll stop manufacturing it. That stuff has truly helped to change the quality of her life. The skin remains well moisturized even hours after application. It doesn't burn her sensitive skin and absorbs cleanly.  I told the nurse at the Pediatric Pulmonary and Allergy Clinic of Iowa University Hospital about it too. My washing machine is happy as well. Before starting this cream I had to clean the crud off the top of the bucket every few weeks because of the scum that adhered to it. No more! For us this cream is nothing short of a miracle. Since we've started using it we've been able to stop her topical medications since she doesn't need them. The topical stuff included Protopic which has  been endowed with a black box warning and tons of topical steroids. One note of caution... this cream does contain Shae butter so avoid using on tree nut allergic individuals.


A Homeschool Story said...

Can't wait to try it! Thank you for the review. I've been wondering how I am ever going to import enough of the wonderful creams I've found here and dreading the return to Eucerin or other sticky substitutes. Looks like I don't have to, and I'll bet this one doesn't smell like eggs like the French creams and lotions that work!

Marlis said...

Eucerin didn't work for us and it's so thick. Missy hated (!!!!) Vaseline, but sometimes it was all we could use and even then she'd hurt and burn. I belong to a Yahoo eczema and allergies support group and i am not the only mother who found this new Aveeno cream to be fabulous.

Can't wait to hear about your months in France.