Monday, January 18, 2010

Everybody still asleep....

It isn't even that early. It's MLKjr. day and I do intend to teach today. Well, an abridged school day shall we say. We will learn about MLK and listen to his speech. And then use the speech for vocabulary. Daughter will go to friends' house in the afternoon. That leaves me with a bored little boy. We may go to the "Hawai". He calls the local 'Y' the "Hawai". The pool is great and has a fun kids section. There is also a big slide which scares me silly because it goes so fast. Not that that scares me per se but whenever I find my self on the slide I happen to have a four year old little boy on my lap. And with all the turns the slide makes I am terrified of turning over on top of him and then heading over the edge into the pool. Water doesn't faze him but the pressure of my adult body on his tiny one would cause some damage for sure. He is a tiny boy. He weighs only about 30 lbs and is almost 4½.

I hear steps time to go. More later.

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